Friday, October 31, 2008

Río Paucartambo (Mapacho): V - Day 2

by Zak Sears
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Elevation at camp: 2508 meters

We passed under three bridges after an hour of paddling out of camp. The third one was a blue foot bridge that marked the start of more technical whitewater and steeper gradient. Fun class 3 and 4 for about an hour before the river melowed for a short bit. Here we stopped for lunch at a tributary on river right. A couple miles downstream of lunch, we came to a chunky class 4+ rapid that was steeper than anything we had seen yet. In this rapid I managed to lose my paddle. Kase and Dave chased it through the class 4 whitewater that lasted for about another half mile or so. Mike, Dan and I put together a breakdown and met up with the other boys who hadn´t found the paddle, so we decided to camp early and search the boulder gardens upstream in case it had been pinned. Never found the paddle.

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