Friday, October 31, 2008

Río Paucartambo (Mapacho): V - Day 1

by Zak Sears

Elevation at camp: 2740 meters

We launched on the river at 11:45 am with most of the town of Paucartambo watching us from the bridge. We estimated that we had a flow of somewhere between 500 and 800 cfs. The night before we put in, the river came up a little after a few hours of rain. We were on the water for a total of about 3 hours and covered close to 25 km. The river through this section consists of braided channels through a greater river bed of commonly sized small boulders. The water was a glacial grey color which we learned was due to road construction upstream, but the river apparently flows clear this time of year. Although the water temperature was pretty warm, the high altitude made for a chill in the air and we all decided to wear more gear than we had on for the next day.

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