Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Río Mapacho: V - Day 4

by Zak Sears
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Elevation at camp: 1930 meters

The rapid below camp we called Buenas Dias proved to be as fun as it looked, and the whitewater below as well. For about 2 hours we paddled great class 4/5 whitwater until we got to a gorge with a double drop at the top that we scouted from the wall on the right. Below the rapid a few hundred meters, the short lived gorge dissapears and a crumbly cement bridge barely stands above the river. The bridge looked like it was designed for vehicles, but only trails on either side leave it.

We had lunch a little ways beyond the bridge that included a bag of oranges the fisherman had given us. After lunch the whitewater included great read and run class 4/4+ for about an hour. Here we came to the most impressive rapid of the trip so far. A large pool above the drop is created by the huge boulders blocking the left side of the river. The water was mostly channelized in a slot on the right, next to a massive boulder on shore. We could see most of the drop from the top, and we were able run it without scouting. There was a three meter entry boof into a short pool then into the next ledge with a boof into an eddy on the right. Here we could see the third ledge which had a punchy hole at the bottom that we ran driving right. Below this rapid, the whitewater continued with super fun class 4/4+ for the next hour and a half.

The geological features of the river have changed drastically several times throughout the trip thus far, and the style of the rapids differ completely with each change.

By this point we had passed many small, clear flowing tributaries and a couple large drainages, but overall little volume has been added to the flow. On the water for five and a half hours.

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