Thursday, November 20, 2008

A thoroughly meaningless post:

Hey anyone who actually wastes their time reading this junk: good job wasting time! I´m sorry I/we haven´t been facilitating your time-wasting escapades very well for the last couple weeks or month or however long it´s been since the last post. Although unfortunately, this post won´t really change that. Here I seek nothing more than to make excuses for myself. Just so you friends, family members, stalkers, and worried in-laws know, we are all still alive in Peru. And we´re having a hell of a time being alive in the meantime.

The lack of meaningful updates is a product of us being on rivers and in villages without internet, routine failures to actually upload the photos we´ve taken onto the web, and our general laziness. But here´s a summary of our time in Peru, which is nearing it´s end as we plan to cross the southern border into Chile next week.

As of today, we´ve been in the country for 46 days. In that time, we´ve spent 25 days on the water checking out nine different rivers including four multi-day expeditions. Now we´re on our way to another overnighter on the Cotahuasi, which is widely touted as the deepest canyon in the world. Hopefully we don´t have to hike out.

At any rate, get back to work. There are no pictures to look at here. Be patient and I´ll get some photos up of banana trees, ziplines, burros, overloaded minivans, and perhaps even some whitewater. Until then, stay warm, exercise, eat well, help a stranger, and have a spectacular Thanksgiving!

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Will Volpert said...

Dan, maybe if you quit blogging you could spend more time kayaking. DUH. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, you big ol' Turkey!